How Strong Can An Adrenaline Rush Make You?

"Your body is stronger than you think..."

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Lightning and storm
Nancy Newell/Getty Images
Barechested man wearing glasses, smiling
Kai Wiechmann/Getty Images
The Hulk
Silver Screen Collection / Contributor/Getty Images
Disney XD's 'Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.' - Season Two
Disney XD / Contributor/Getty Images
Stunt Car Show in Bydgoszcz
NurPhoto / Contributor/Getty Images
1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396 Hardtop Coupe
Car Culture/Getty Images

'Isis' The 6,9' Wrestler And Amazon Model
Barcroft / Contributor/Getty Images
Dark-haired man trying to lift heavy vehicle
Art-Of-Photo/Getty Images
Drunk driving accident , car crash with bicycle on road
Toa55/Getty Images
Invincible turkey wearing superhero outfit
Onyx Media, Llc/Getty Images
Close up bodybuilder's abdominals flexing during breathing
White Packert Photography/Getty Images
WS PAN soldier firing his rifle
ABC Entertainment Marketing/Getty Images
Low angle close up dolly shot tracking shot tilt up man along corridor / swish pan to outside
Blink Productions/Getty Images
Schizophrenia and Madness
delihayat/Getty Images
Polar bear attacks injured skua, Svalbard, Arctic Norway.
John Downer Production/Getty Images
Dead lift exercise
South_agency/Getty Images
Business woman carry a heavy car
siraanamwong/Getty Images
Interior Car
3alexd/Getty Images
1956 MONTAGE termites have stuffed bellies, but Popeye in bathtub pulling out can of spinach and eating it, growing large muscles and rebuilding house out of steel
Imageways/Getty Images
What’s on your bike-it list?
Yuri_Arcurs/Getty Images
African American doctor examining patient
Blend Motion/Getty Images
Automobile repair shop
guy113/Getty Images
Auction Of Superman Suit In Melbourne - Preview
Mark Dadswell / Staff/Getty Images
Auto Repair Shop
baddoggy/Getty Images
Scientist in the Lab
nicolas/Getty Images
Charles Atlas Shows Off Bicep Muscles to Boy
Onyx Media, Llc - Footage/Getty Images
Man using the kettlebell
hoozone/Getty Images
Man weightlifting in gym
cautionfilm/Getty Images
WS Two businessmen meeting in lobby of building, running and chest-bumping before walking off together / Seattle, Washington, United States
Jetta Productions/Getty Images
Ready to fight
hoozone/Getty Images
Galaxies. Inside human eye. Blue.
nmlfd/Getty Images
Montage 3D Medical Scientific Research
Spotmatik/Getty Images
Human head and brain with neurons flashing. Synapsis. Loopable. Biology.
nmlfd/Getty Images
Running Man , Digital Interface , Loopable
onuroner/Getty Images
Medium shot pan man sitting at office board room table, shaking pencil in front of face and smiling/ man looking up to see coworker looking at him/ man sheepishly putting pencil down/ New York, New York
Beyond Our Reality Productions Inc./Getty Images
Pain in knee with therapeutic effects
janulla/Getty Images
Male sprinters racing on track
Caiafilm/Getty Images
Scientists workin

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